A Weekend of Eating

We’ve spent the weekend eating.  We’ve caught up with a few friends, new friends, and family and basically gone from brunch to lunch to dinner, slept and started over again.

Sayer’s, Leedervile

We started with brunch on Saturday with Marco at Sayer’s, in Leederville.  It hasn’t changed much, still a queue.  It’s very strange getting accustomed to the Perth order-and-pay-at-the-counter after having been spoilt with North American service for two years.  I had a half-serve of scrambled eggs on toast, with bacon and it was filling.  We sat outside and it was cool, but warm enough with our light down jackets.

Dan’s Chicken Pie

I felt like puff pastry, after having had some on Thursday at Sophie’s for dinner.  I asked Dan to cook chicken pie, as Mum was dropping by for lunch.  It was delicious.  As Mum watched the Dockers beat Richmond I reset all her email passwords to trouble shoot why her email wasn’t working on her iPad.  I’m exactly like my Mum (right down to completely forgetting all answers to secret questions) so I felt sympathy for what Daniel must have to tolerate, as my Mum drove me up the wall not paying any attention to my task, instead elbowing me to look at the footy player on the screen, or the goal that was just kicked.

Kitsch Bar and Gusto, Leederville

Dan’s cousin, Fiamma, always has her finger on the pulse  (she moved to London for 5 years and returned to Perth, insistent that it offers just as good as anywhere else; you just had to know where to go).  Originally we’d planned (on Saturday morning, not actually much planning) to have dinner with just the 3 of us, at Duendé (I was eager for tapas) in Leederville but by lunch time it had exploded into a family dinner table of 7 and a different venue.  Kitsch Bar is an expensive but beautifully decorated, plated and easy to eat food venue that is new to us, right next to the Re Store.  We finally got to see Nic, who was devastated that she’d sold the Mazda 3 I’d sold her when we’d moved to Canada.  After dinner we walked down Oxford St and had icecream at Gusto.


Dan’s sister, Donna, is now vegan.  We had brunch today with Donna and Dan’s Dad across the train tracks at Maylands Station at a new vegetarian café called Plenty.  Dan and I shared two dishes and I struggled with the absence of meat, cheese, or butter.  I tried not to whinge too much (kale!) because it was rude to Donna but failed miserably.  Donna regretted inviting us there. I felt bad.

Lucky Chan’s

Dion is in town, so we had dinner with him, at another new Perth restaurant, Lucky Chan’s.  We’ve only been gone two years but, as is common in Perth, everything has been knocked down and re-opened as something else.  Dinner was not cheap, but again the food was tasty and the ambience matched the Chinese laundry turned into a downtown food place, with a queue.  I felt like tofu for dessert so we walked down to James St where what used to be a Chinese Restaurant is now a chain dessert place.

I’m glad to start back at work tomorrow; it will give me a rest from our weekend of engagements.


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