The Big Hill

I cycled to OPH today via the big hill on Homer St:

First cycle up the big #hill on Homer St in almost 3 years. It was tough.

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It doesn’t look like much on approach, a gentle incline, two plateaus on the way.  It was a cool morning.  Last Friday’s muggy foreshadowing of summer, where I arrived in Murdoch sweaty and irritable but very well-dressed, was a memory as I enjoyed a slight chill in the air.  My new bike doesn’t have as many gears as my old bike and I started mid way through the harder half of the gears.

I started to tire by the first plateau.  By the second I was grunting loudly and my front wheel was wobbly.  I changed gears to the easiest and promised I’d quit by the next tree.  Then the next.  Then the next.  I made it to the top.  Somehow, after 12 weeks being back in Australia and about 10 weeks cycling to work, I’m still not as fit as I’d like to be.

I’ll need to find a better route as waiting for traffic to pass on the main arteries into the city (Flinders St, Wanneroo Rd, Main St) takes forever.

Awesome day to cycle between hospitals.

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It was a busy morning but a lovely sunny cycle at lunch to KEMH.  The afternoon was busier than usual too but I had a great cycle home, the sunshine turning golden and my favourite songs in my headphones.  I’m still quite thrilled that you can advance tracks by double-clicking the headphone volume button.  I even discovered they have a microphone and you can answer a phone call: cycling while apparently talking to nobody.

Dan made the yummy chicken and coriander rissole things for dinner, with steamed rice and pak choy (from the garden).  That’s three nights in a row we’ve eaten food grown in our garden (rhubarb crumble last two nights).


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