Hanging In There

It’s been a long few months.  Since I started work at BreastScreen, on Tuesday evenings after work, I’ve been exhausted; I go to work, come come, eat, play Warcraft, go to sleep.  Weekends and some evenings have been packed with social events.  Julian flew over from Canada for a fortnight and we all flew to Sydney for New Year’s.  I made the decision to drop Tuesdays at Charlie’s, and just do my screening session, starting in February.  Today, as I cycled up the big hill between Maylands and Osborne Park on the way to work, I promised I just had to make it past the ten trees in the top third, then the next vertical structure, then another few pedal rotations.  At work it’s just make it to February.

I finally submitted my first breast imaging fellowship research project on Monday, to JAMA, which as expected was rejected, but within 24 hours.  They have a fast turnaround!  The referral to JAMA Oncology was rejected too, which was expected but I had hoped for at least a few weeks break to start writeup on other projects or at least submit an REB for something in Perth.

Last night we took Dan’s Dad and his grandmother to the Somerville outdoor cinema.  We watched a very long Italian film, Mia Madre.  Every time we see an Italian film we wonder what the hell we were thinking.  Last night was no exception.  I was falling asleep from exhaustion by lunch time, let alone staying up late for a 2-hour film.  Last week’s film I loved, Tale of Tales, but everybody else didn’t.

Tonight we joined Dion to see a Perth comedian, Joel Creasey, whom I’ve never heard of before but has apparently established himself nationally.  We ate dinner on Beaufort St before the show, at a new place that does meatballs.  The food was good.  The show was good. The support artist, Geraldine Quinn, was also entertaining.  I was sleepy when we arrived and didn’t think I had the energy to engage but both performers managed good shows.

I just need to make it through my half day in private tomorrow and then I can rest on the weekend.  A sleep in on Saturday.  Three parties in the evenings we have RSVP’d to but a sleep in is all I need. One more day.


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