Australia Day 2016

It’s warm.  The sun is out, though a few clouds threaten more lightning storms.  I just cycled home from the hospital, along the Swan River, past the few families staking out their spots for tonight’s Australia Day fireworks.  I’d decided to cycle to work this morning, despite a sensible plan of driving (I’m on call, I’ll still have to go back at least for a few hours this afternoon).  In a burst of caffeine-inspired energy and enthusiasm for fitness I hopped on my bike and popped my earbud headphones in.

#Perth #australia

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Things to consider when offering to pickup an On Call shift on a public holiday in January in Australia:

New interns started yesterday.  These are the enthusiastic but frequently bizarre junior doctors that request things like, “My registrar [in the same hushed tones as ‘My Mum’ or ‘Mon Dieu!’] wants a non-contrast CT angiogram!“.  This is a Shrödinger cat request; something that is both itself and it’s opposite, simultaneously.  Thankfully I left Melinda to patiently explain that a CT angiogram requires some sort of intravenous contrast and that perhaps the information had become muddled along the chain of communication (Chinese whispers if you’re Australian and slightly racist, broken telegraph pole if you’re Canadian and haven’t heard of a telephone or SMS or Snapchat).  My perennial favourite amusing request is for ultrasound-guided nasogastric tube insertion; perhaps the patient can swallow the probe along with the tube.  Caveat: I probably asked for the exact same things when I was an intern, feeling very clever when I started to write, “? xxx pathology…” on all my imaging requests, causing the Royal Perth radiology professor to suffer successive hypertensive haemorrhage strokes.

Cycling home for lunch across the city in the sun causes sunburn and dehydration.

Shorts go waist tie at the font, pockets directed forwards.  I cycled to work with my shorts on backwards, wondering how I got so fat that even my  loose gym shorts were tight.

The smell of sausages on barbecues everywhere will make you hungry.  Unless you’re vegetarian.

#Perth #australia

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