Hokkaido – The Creature

There is a creature in the bus seats in front of me.  I can it’s wiry fur sticking out of it’s head, poking up past the top of the seat.  I break of a piece of chocolate, the fracture line oblique across the row of squares, ending in a sharp but quickly blunted by the warmth of my finger point.  I poked the chocolate through the gap between the two seats in front and the creature took it!   It made no sound as it ate.  A hand appeared between the chairs.  It wants more.

We’re on a bus transfer from the airport in Hokkaido to the ski resort in Niseko.  It’s a 3-hour ride.  I’ve already had a nap for an hour.  We’ve had a rest stop.  That’s where I bought the chocolate.  Dan finished his book.  Bec is consuming past issues of scientific magazines.  When we arrive at our rental apartment I want to go grocery shopping, a tradition started in France when we first went to a ski village.  Tignes.  When the ground outside is covered in snow and you’ve got a warm apartment to return to, having fresh food to cook for dinner is the best end to the day.  I really want broccoli.


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