Niseko -The First Slope

Day 1 of our 3-day ski gaycation in Niseko was an eye-opener.  Bec traipsed off to the Ace Family Pair Lift for her lessons, Dan and I caught the Hirafu Gondola 2/3 up the mountain.

Our first run was a Green, called “Green”.  The maps here are great: they give lift times, distances, and slope angles.  Green is 840 m long, between 14 and 25 degrees inclination.  We returned to the gondola via King area access pass and went back up.  During the day we worked our way around across the mountain, crossing to the Niseko Village side.  There is a double helix of green and red (Canadian blue) runs under the lifts and through trees which we wanted to try but it was snowing fast and viability was poor.  I started to get motion sick; when I couldn’t can’t see the difference between ground and sky as snow is all the same grey-white.  We accidentally skied right across back to Hirafu!

Our legs were tired and we walked all the way back to the apartment (only about 1 km but in ski boots, carrying skis and poles, down icy slopes not much fun and very exhausting).  Today we realised our all-mountain passes gave us license to take most shuttles and there was a free shuttle anyway that could’ve taken us right to the corner near our accomodation.

We had taught Bec Contagion on Wednesday night and played again Thursday.  I cooked soup for dinner, whatever vegetables I could find at the deli, with chicken.  We had a loaf of crusty bread, which cost as much as the chicken (700 Yen, the 700 g of frozen chicken was the same).  A good night in.

I slept well.


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