Mother’s Day 2016

It was a cold morning.  But then the sun came out.  I failed at sleeping in, thanks to the cat.  Saturday had been busy; the 2016 WA RANZCR Mock Viva Exams took up most the day, in the evening we celebrated Vicki and Keong’s wedding.  We had planned seeing the new Meryl Streep film in the afternoon, with Daniel’s grandmother.  Mum had already made plans to play tennis up in Chidlow.  I called Mum and, when Dan’s singing lesson was cancelled, dragged Dan out to the Perth Hills to surprise Mum at her tennis game with neighbours.  We took jam donuts and a moist gluten-free orange citrus cake.

We also played tennis.  I didn’t think I had sufficient skill; the last attempt a decade ago I swiped hard but the ball continued through the giant square holes in my racket.  Sunday I suddenly had skill I didn’t have before.  I even lobbed the ball high into the sky accidentally, everybody watched it’s accelerated descent right onto the net, and into the opposition’s court!  Mum cheered me.

The film was not as feel good as the Eddie The Eagle, which we watched last weekend.  But it was OK.  We ate curry next door to the Windsor afterwards then drove Alison back to her nursing home. It was an early night as we were exhausted.


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