16 million 500 thousand to go

How exciting! It’s like 1967 when voters were asked their approval to consider Aborigines as people instead of flora and fauna.  I really hope I can get permission from the entire fucking country to have Australia legally recognise that I already married my husband.  Great leadership, elected Federal government of Australia! Not only has Turnbull persisted wasting money on a plebiscite but he’s now pushed it until 2017.

The Australian Electoral Commission’s website states that there are 16 504 326 Australians eligible to vote as of 30 Jun 2016.  So, if I subtract my husband, myself, my family and friends that came to our wedding in Canada, perhaps a few people that died since 30 June that leaves about 16 million 500 thousand eligible voters that have no idea who I am, have nothing to do with my life but I have to now go and ask their permission for Australia to recognise that I already married my husband. Yes, when we signed our wills in Australia we had to tick “de facto” and pretend our wedding rings and marriage certificates were just cereal box prizes.

Dan & Glen 29 Oct 2014
Dan & Glen 29 Oct 2014

Sound ridiculous to you?  That’s what Ireland thought too.

I’m glad we didn’t wait for our home country to vote on permission for us to get married.  We had a great wedding.  There were friends, family and colleagues present to celebrate.  We had a buffet dinner and a pizza and pancake station and danced to our favourite songs.  All on our 10th anniversary. That was almost 2 years ago now.


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