An Eventful Week

This has been an eventful week. I started off on-call last weekend and it was pretty busy. I spent most of the weekend at work, didn’t get enough sleep, got run down and caught a head cold.  During the week I’ve alternated between feeling mildly unwell and being congested with snot and very spaced out.  The U.S. held a Presidential election and, as I tried to go about my work in the Breast Assessment Centre on Wednesday morning, the results were announced, much to everybody’s surprise that burst into the reporting room to either update results or cry out in anguish.  This morning I woke up to a lot of messages on a WhatsApp group I’m part of: Forever Fellows – Former Fellows of UHN Breast Imaging: Pavel died at home last night, very unexpectedly.  Aside from immediate grief for his family, his department and myself (we are still working on two research projects, one almost near complete revisions for submission) I realised that was why he hadn’t replied to my email yesterday, in response to his email on Monday.  I’d apologised for my delayed response; I’d been on call and had been sick.  He didn’t even reply, unusual as he always responds quickly.  He died.   I spent today in shock.  I had to tell two women at work today that their baby had died.  I was glad when it was time to go home.


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