RSNA 2016

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Having only had 5 hours sleep per 24 hour period over the last 72 hours I planned a sleep-in this morning.  I set my alarm for noon and slept right until it sounded.  It was 2 am in Perth and my body felt it.  I caught an Uber to McCormick Place and waited in queue at Starbucks for 30 min, to get a double espresso for breakfast.  It took me almost an hour to stagger around and find the Hologic Booth in the South Hall where I had booked a meeting to see their new vacuum biopsy device; when our breast centre chief MIT found out I was going to RSNA I was tasked with checking out several vendor exhibits.  Thankfully I don’t hold the check book, or else I’d be flying back to Australia with a new vacuum-assisted biopsy device and workstation and prone biopsy table and software for breast MRI.


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I thought my university, the University of Western Australia, had created a stupid slogan when they released signage all over the city suggesting people, “Pursue Impossible” but, wandering around the exhibition hall today I saw Canon has joined in: “See Impossible” as well as Hitachi, “Inspire the Next”.  Of course trumping the lot is the slogan for the annual conference for diagnostic imaging: “Beyond Imaging”.  My whole specialty is now irrelevant; we’ve moved beyond imaging.


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