First World Problems


“The idea is to swap a 785 for a 793 for three months… I mean you’ve heard the results…” the man says, loudly conducting a business meeting on his mobile phone in the middle of the LAX Star Alliance lounge. I feel like I’m in the Grace Cossington Smith painting, The Lacquer Room.  Except without all the Art Deco.  And with a man loudly slurping his soup at the table on my left. My unplanned 23-hour layover in Los Angeles is almost over, after having missed my international connection last night, sadly watching the Air New Zealand flight board while stuck on the tarmac in my late inbound flight from Chicago.  I was going to stay at the airport hotel all morning, then come directly to check in when the desk opened at noon.  Thankfully, Dan’s cousin, Tash,  is in LA for a astrophysics conference and team meeting for the SKA and had planned to walk around downtown. So, I wheeled my very well travelled carryon (it’s been to three international zoos) all over downtown LA.  We saw:

  1. Union Station. It’s gorgeous and nowhere near as busy as New York City’s Grand Central.
  2. Little Tokyo. It is like Harajuku but without people.
  3. Skyslide. It’s only 4 seconds.  Not at all terrifying.  Just don’t look down.
  4. Home Depot. They did not have the charger Tash needed.
  5. Hollywood Boulevard crowded footpath with the star things and at least two Wolverines.
  6. See something. Say something. Signs.
  7. The Hollywood sign.  In tiny tiny letters, far off in the distance.
  8. MOCA, well the gift shop.
  9. The Walt Disney Tin Foil Building.
  10. The Broad. Just the outside.  You need tickets to get in.
  11. Grand Central Markets. We ate lunch.
  12. Starbucks.  I bought a souvenir mug and lent it to Tash so she doesn’t have to waste disposable cups.

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