We flew to Sydney this weekend for two reasons. The first was to catch the works of two former dance colleagues (Rachel and Richard) at New Breed, at Carriageworks.  The second was to catch the train into the Blue Mountains to stay a night with Dad and Aunty Ella in Lithgow.

Our flight Friday was delayed from 15:30 to 22:50, so instead of an enforced red-eye and no sleep on arriving into Sydney we re-booked for the 05:35 flight on Saturday and slept five hours in our own bed.  We had lunch with Anna and Penny – the first time we’d physically seen Anna since our wedding two years ago despite having stayed at her house three times since.


We met Dad and Aunty Ella, and David James, at Carriageworks just before eight where we watched the new works.  Still not quite over the jet lag from last fortnight’s conference on the other side of the planet my brain was not receptive to the challenge of abstracted movement or sound and I found some sections difficult to engage with.  Daniel and David had completely opposite reactions to me: the elements that resonated for me did not for them, and the elements that they felt worked well I was not impressed by.  I had entered the space highly critical; we’d overheard outside the loud boasting of some guy about how when he Tweets things the Daily Mail journalists inevitably pick up the story and run with it.  I just wanted him to shut up.

I was sorry to have missed seeing Rachel.  We last bumped into Rachel and Sete last year for either PIAF or Perth Fringe when they were performing in an immersive work literally on the streets of Subiaco.  It was good to see Richard dancing again; he’s changed a lot since we toured with Steps to the Australian Youth Dance Festival on his 14th birthday.  We bumped into his partner, Jack, in the audience but didn’t get to stay back after (we had to go get supper).

This morning we woke at 09:30, packed up and checked out and had a light breakfast at the food court underneath Sydney Central.  We bought Dan’s grandmother some chocolates from Haigh’s in the QVB, Dad leading the way through the crowd weaving his carryon at front.  We met Dave at Sydney Central Station just after noon.  Lucky we got their early; the train left 20 minutes before the scheduled time when we’d checked last night. David joined us in Katoomba for lunch.

Dad used his annual membership to Scenic World to get us 15% of entry today and we raced around in the hour left before closing to take the steep funicular, and a few cable car rides around. The views are glorious.  We drove around to Katoomba Falls but failed at finding the path down to the ledge; the first path we took went left and saw what must have been the start of the falls, the second was a blind lookout, the third was probably the correct direction but, after we went down and down and away from the falls we thought we’d gone the wrong way so turned back.  If it weren’t for the flies landing on my sensitive hair (I gelled it and it turns into cat whiskers) and getting sweaty we would’ve walked back.




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