Don’t Eat Salad

My GP managed to counsel me about appropriate vaccinations and travel advice to avoid non-lethal but inconvenient infections from a range of bacteria that I once knew how to treat straight out of Medical School but now could probably no longer do not better than flip a coin to tell if their gram stain was positive or negative.  I had a course of three rabies vaccinations.  I nodded, sagely, at advice not to eat salad or other un-cooked foods.  I’ve been to India before; I stayed for five weeks in Chennai as a teenager and did not get any diarrhoea, though I was vegetarian for the whole time.

Last night I ate some delicious bruschetta in the hotel club lounge, before I realised that diced raw tomato was technically a salad.

This morning I picked a delicious watermelon juice from the hotel club lounge, before remembering that it’s a raw fruit juice.

We ate some delicious chicken things yesterday in the hotel restaurant, before I remembered I was not going to eat meat the whole trip. And it was chicken!

Last night we walked around the block to explore, and at dusk we raced back inside, where I was bit by a mosquito in the lobby.

Consequently all day I felt that perhaps I might be slightly queasy, stricken with a terrible combination of Salmonella, Shigella, Cholera and Malaria.  But definitely not rabies.


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