Humayun’s Tomb.

Not as crowded with tourists as the temple in Tokyo or that tower in Pisa, the mostly red and white tombs in the East of Delhi were worth the exploration to find.  Everybody was taking selfies in front, the Indian girls tilting their heads and posing.  We copied them.

Back at the station we found an ATM which had cash – this demonetisation of the 500 and 1000 rupee notes has made India into the scene of a post-apocalyptic movie.  Queues at every ATM form as soon as one has cash, most are closed or “out of service”.  A young man stopped when saw Daniel through the clear glass walls and watched intently to see the cash coming out, before politely waiting at the door for his turn to access the precious commodity. I felt like it was water on Arrakis.  I’ve harshly bargained auto rickshaw prices, not because I like to bargain (I hate the process) but because I don’t want to spend what we might need for an emergency, or food.  Every ten rupees is ten more that we could use. There was a limit of only 2500 rupees per day.  We managed to withdraw 4000, two crisp new purple 2000 rupee notes.

I would have withdrawn money from my Mastercard if I hadn’t been so clever as to change all my PINs a few weeks ago, and promptly forgot what the new PIN was.


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