Fatehpur Sikri, India

We left Agra at 09:00, and headed West.  The journey to Jaipur took the day; we stopped off at Fatehpur Sikri and a step-well built in the 8th or 9th century A.D.  More red sandstone Mughal architecture: we’ve saturated now.  A tickle in my throat in the morning progressed to rhinorrhea during the day and sneezing by afternoon.  I went to bed early. Mum said it was because of the air conditioning. I said it was more likely because of a virus.  We then had a small disagreement on causality (I disagreed that air conditioning was a sufficient or necessary cause for a head cold, but might be contributory; Mum did not like semantics and then suggested I take an antihistamine).

This furthered our earlier disagreements over dinner: firstly, Mum using an idiom suggesting throwing something (possibly my phone) would cause it to fly out the window (I argued it was only just falling and not actually flying), and then Mum suggesting she should have bigger eyes to be able to comprehend all the things we had seen (I argued that bigger eyes would only allow her to see better at night and what she really needed was a bigger brain, to process the information already sensed by her perfectly adequate eyes).  Mum got upset that I was taking away her fun. So I shut up. I had a headache.


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