Karajini 2017 – Day 3 Fortescue Falls, Fern Pool, Circular Pool

On our third day we drove straight to Fortescue Falls, there is a metal stairway down which Dan counted: 419 paces.  At the bottom we headed to the right, to Fern Pool.  On TripAdvisor the pictures of Fern Pool are amazing; it looks like a fern-lined cul-de-sac with blue-green water.  In reality it is just an ordinary looking pool lined mostly by rock, with a small water fall on one side.  The trees were filled with sleeping bats and a snake, curled up waiting to eat a bat.  We swam then hiked back along to Circular Pool.  The water was quite cold at Circular Pool, reminding me of Puerto Rico.  I ate a most of a tin of tuna.

The Snake at Fern Pool

We hiked back to Fern Pool after the boys ate their chicken wraps at Fortescue Falls.  They wanted one last swim.  I had changed back into my shorts and wasn’t hot enough to want to get wet again, so I waited on the shore.  Daniel swap back first.  The snake that had been up the tree was now in the rocks behind us, and had begun to descend.  We observed it slither first along the rocks, tentatively avoiding a spider’s web, then vertically down.  Two young women had spread a blanket out in front of the rocks and stood up when the snake began to head back to the water’s edge.  It headed right for their blanket, their shoes and backpack were invitingly open and I wondered how they’d rescue their belongings if the snake decided to rest inside.  It kept going, towards the reeds on the shore.  By the time Ben & Dion swam back across from the water fall I’d had by backpack and shoes on and was ready to sprint back along the track to safety – concern for my sprained ankle gone.  A family of Aussies, probably more used to non-venomous and mostly harmless snakes were more comfortable to walk right up to the snake, to see and photograph.  I stayed back with the Chinese family, the mother scolding her son in Cantonese to stay back, the fat father in white speedos waddling back and forth to the shore to take photos of the waterfall, and the snake.  The boys took forever to get changed and ready to head back.





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