Exmouth, Western Australia 

When we were living in Canada and travelling as much as we could we felt chagrined that we hadn’t sought the same experiences in our home country. This year we’re changing that: Karijini at Easter and snorkelling with whale sharks in Exmouth this weekend. 

We flew out from Perth, overcast and chilly and wet from rain and landed in pleasantly warm and brightly sunny weather. The plane was full. I picked at the “Moroccan lamb pizza” (fluffy white dough filled with spicy chewy meat chunks at the temperature of lava) and played a few levels of Candy Crush. Daniel read a book on his iPad. We chose to leave laptops at home and have a break from work for two days. I submitted proofs last night for my second fellowship project that has finally been accepted for publication – 4 years later. 

Exmouth is quite flat. Some expanses remind me of the Galapagos. The water is warm but signs warn of irikanji jellyfish. Dan snorkelled at Oyster Stacks and saw many animals. I wandered the rocks on shore, watched crabs scuttle under ledges and mildly twisted my ankle again. I’ve lost one tibiofibular ligament in Karijini: need to preserve the rest. 

We bought groceries at IGA and cooked our own dinner; we had booked a cabin at the RAC holiday park. We had freshly par-boiled broccoli, sugar snap peas, carrots and snapper pan fried in butter with garlic. 

Tomorrow we leave early to snorkel with whale sharks. 


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