3:57 to Abu Dhabi

I tried to sleep.  After the meal service I took 5 mg of zolpidem and started to watch, “Gone Girl”, while waiting to feel drowsy.  Sleep did not come.  I watched the entire movie. The plot twisted, as expected, then again unexpectedly, then again. Finally, the cabin was dark, 50% of the other passengers in their cocooned business suites were sound asleep around me. I laid my chair flat and rested my head on the pillow. I fell asleep.


I justified paying for Business Class flights from Perth to Athens for the both of us because we’re flying so I can attend a conference.  I need to arrive as rested as possible.  I need to be awake.  Secretly it’s also a luxurious indulgence; being directed left to the front of the plane on entry, chosing between wine, juice, or champagne pre-take-off and being permitted to combine them: “a mimosa please.”


I’ve started watching The Bodyguard, for the first time in probably 20 years.  I chose a chicken Caesar salad from the Anytime Menu, with a cup of English Breakfast tea.  My hopes of editing the manuscripts of two of my fellowship projects on the way to Greece have expectedly not come to fruition.











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