ESGAR 2017

There were several West Aussies at the conference. It was good to meet up. As with any conference the presentations were of variable quality content for target audience, a wide range of applicability to my practice and experience. The usual celebrity figures were there. The conference dinner was by the sea and we had to sit in several chartered buses for over half an hour to get there. We drank Aperol spritzes before the sun set and the buffet dinner opened. Gone were the formality and politeness and hierarchy of scientific presentations and appeared scenes of any herd of animals at a food source: the chicken disappeared first. Like in any nature documentary those less aggressive at getting access to the resource were left wandering, plates near empty save for a lone bread roll or some of the never-ending pasta dish. They would wander between all three buffet arrangements (duplicate) looking forlorn. The more observant would notice that the kitchen area was still cooking (smoke continued to billow out) and would follow the server carrying a new tray of food out, before massing around it like the vampires killing the audience member in, “Interview With a Vampire”. We ate a lot of chicken. Just like when we visited India soon after the demonetisation and cash was a scarce commodity I found we reverted to securing resources for our group as a priority above worrying about anybody else. There was strength in the pack.


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