Your flight is delayed by 425 minutes

As I drove home from work last night I stopped to fill up the petrol; Dan had deliberately let it go below three quarters, then half way, and then a quarter tank.  It was onto the tiny vertical stripes section, which indicate near death.  The standard fuel option was “unavailable” (it never seems to be available, perhaps is deceptive marketing) so I selected the next nozzle along, checking it wasn’t diesel.  As I walked up to the counter to pay my phone alerted an SMS text message: CX170/1 Aug from PER will depart at 06:55, 02 Aug (7 hours late)… If I were superstitious I’d think I wasn’t meant to return to Hong Kong; last year Dan broke his patella 3 days before we flew out and now our overnight flight was delayed all night.  I was glad I gave myself a travel day before the 2-day breast MRI course, or else I’d have missed the first day.  We got to Perth International Airport at 5 am, expecting at least a half an hour security queue.  Since some idiots in Sydney caused a fuss on the weekend there’s been an inflammatory response of “heightened security”, causing massive delays.  We were through to duty free within 5 minutes. I bought gin.


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