Day 668 The Never-Ending Birthday


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The thing I like best about the team-work culture that cements hospital work is that if a few people miss out on your birthday cake and Tim Tams on Wednesday, your actual birthday, they’ll just buy a muffin from Tim Hortons, stick a Happy Birthday ballon into it and barge into CT reporting on Thursday, in a mini flash mob and sing, Happy Birthday, all over again.  I felt so special today, very much part of the team.  I had my own balloon-stuck-in-a-muffin to prove it.  Tonight we packed for this weekend’s conference in Floorda (that’s how Julian pronounces Florida: Floor-da).  A little nervous for my 6-minute presentation on Saturday from 14:02-14:08.  Thankfully it will be brief. I caught up on Downtown Abbey tonight.  It grates me that I like the same show as the current Australian Prime Minister.


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