Day 299 Banff, Alberta

Dan drove us from Lake Louise, East along the Trans-Canada Highway to Banff.  I offered to drive but Dan declined. We stopped along the Vermilion Lakes Drive to take pictures of the thrust-fault mountains of sedimentary rock that were prehistoric ocean floors.  The sun is shining but the wind is cold and biting.  At least it’s not raining today.

When we got to Banff we found our accommodation – Rundle Stone Lodge.  Our room was ready so we checked in.  We decided to walk back down Banff Ave to find lunch.  There were a lot of retail stores on Banff Ave but not many people.  Is it off-peak in between winter and summer seasons?  We wandered into a sushi restaurant that had a sushi train, literally an electric train.

After lunch we continued to walk South, across Bow River.  We followed signs to the Bow River Lookout but when we got close the path was closed.  We walked back up along the riverbank, which is muddy with puddles of melted snow, to the footbridges back across to downtown Banff.  The town is surrounded by majestic snow-capped mountains: Mt Rundle to the Southeast, Cascade to the North and Mt Norquay to the WNW.  After driving through the flat expanse from Calgary yesterday it was refreshing to look up and the clouds hovering around the masses of rock, capped with blue ice and dusted with snow.  This is the landscape I imagined Canada would look like. It’s very different to the forests around Ontario.


2 thoughts on “Day 299 Banff, Alberta

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  1. I see you’ve developed so close a relationship to the mountain that you call it “Mr Rundle” . . . Cute.

    By the way, did you ever see a TV comedy series called F Troop? In one of the episodes, a French-Canadian villain appeared who was known as The Burglaire of Bomff-ff . . .


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