Day 744 Pride

We got home just after midnight and quickly fell asleep.


We met up with Marcio & Eliano, Pete & Royden, Dave & Antony (& Josh), and Julian at Copacabana, a Brazilian meat on a stick restaurant downtown.  The meat was tender and delicious.  They even had a cinnamon pineapple on a stick.  I ate too much, forgetting all-you-can-eat is really eat-as-much-or-as-little-as-you-wish not you-must-literally-eat-all-you-possibly-can.

Hudson’s Bay

Julian and I walked home, via Hudson’s Bay on Queen St.  I had seen a Hudson’s Bay umbrella and, as it’s rained since yesterday, thought it would be a good last-minute Toronto purchase; useful this afternoon for watching the parade and then a souvenir to take home.  I couldn’t decide whether to get a normal umbrella or the compact version so bought beach towels instead.  We walked home via Church St, passing the stalls and a good sized crowd,  in ponchos and umbrellas.


After realising we can see the parade from our balconies (albeit a little section of Yonge as Hayden St feeds into it) we’ve decided to watch from Julian’s.  Dan is upstairs, asleep.  The outdoor free dance party at the 519 community centre has been moved inside because of the weather, with a $25 donation for going inside to help cover costs.

Tomorrow will be difficult.


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